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Affordable Rock Chip Repairs and Windshield Repair In Atlanta, GA

Rock chip damage on the windshield of a vehicle is a common problem and one that must be sorted immediately. At Glass King we have more than 25 years of experience of fixing chips and cracks in and around Atlanta, Georgia, and our services are only a phone call away.

Depending on the size and location of the chip, we will either repair your windshield or remove it and install new glass. A replacement is inevitable if the damage is larger than a half dollar coin. If it is smaller, we will repair the problem with windshield resin. Our technicians use a high viscosity urethane that dries in less than an hour, and we vacuum all the glass.

If the rock chip is directly in the drivers line of vision, then we will always replace the windshield. In most states, it is against the law to drive if the motorist’s view is impaired because of rock damage. In that situation, you should call us immediately, and our mobile technicians guarantee same day service.

You can either come to our shop for the work to be done, or we can travel to your home, place of business, or wherever is convenient to carry out rock chip repair. The tools we use include a Shop-Vac, sockets, wire tools, and screwdrivers.

Once we have repaired your damaged windshield or any other auto glass, we recommend that you do not subject the vehicle to a high-pressure car wash for at least two days. The glass we use for any replacement work is always OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

If you live in or near Atlanta and your vehicle’s windshield is struck and damaged by a rock, don’t delay in getting it fixed otherwise it could compromise the integrity of your windshield. Glass King is the best auto glass repair firm in the area so call us immediately on (770) 827-7702.


Rockchip Glass Repair

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